Cost saving scheme of inkjet printing consumables

- Jan 21, 2021-

Reasonable setting and printing can save ink more effectively. As one of the important printing consumables of photo machine, ink is also a common and necessary printing consumable. In the ink-jet printing output, the ink loss of printing is also one of the cost of ink-jet production. Reasonable setting and printing can more effectively save ink printing, ink and cost.  

1. Usually, before the output of the photo machine, make sure the relevant size of the picture, so as to avoid the waste of ink and printing media.  

2. When printing text, I can reduce pass printing by setting when I don't have high requirements on printing quality, which can not only meet the printing requirements of customers, but also save ink, and the printing speed is fast.  

3. In the usual maintenance of photo machine, especially in the case of nozzle cleaning, such as ink extraction and cleaning, if cleaning two to three times can not solve the problem, you can carefully check the related problems, or use other nozzle cleaning methods, generally, ink extraction two to three times can basically solve the related problems, if not, more ink extraction is also a waste It costs a lot of ink, but the problem of nozzle still can't be solved.  

4. It's the problem of adding ink to the photo machine in our daily life. When adding ink, according to the capacity recommended by the manufacturer, we should avoid adding too much or too little ink. If the ink is too full, it may cause related unknown faults. In the process of using the zero point machine to print pictures, we should pay attention to the ink capacity to avoid the problem of empty ink in the ink cartridge. When adding ink, we can use the relevant software In order to avoid the waste of ink in the process of adding ink, the funnel or ink tube of adding ink is used to add ink.  

Reasonable planning of paper and splicing printing media Inkjet printing paper medium is also an indispensable consumable for inkjet printing output. As a member of inkjet printing user, you should have such experience that when printing output of photo machine, it always inadvertently causes the waste of materials, which will involve the waste of ink, labor and time, so saving materials It can also save users a lot of cost.  

1. In the production of spray painting advertising images, we should pre design and plan the relevant size calculation of image print output, and design it according to the material specifications, so as to avoid the waste of printing materials of photo machine to a certain extent. In addition, we should try not to set some useless white edges. Appropriate use of conventional size materials, optimize the use of appropriate size materials, for example: the width of the photo material is 0.914m ﹣ 1.07M ﹣ 1.27m ﹣ 1.37M ﹣ 1.52m The length is 25 meters, and the maximum width of the machine drawing is 1.5 meters. If it exceeds this size, it needs to be spliced. The width of the inkjet material is 1-3.2 meters, and the maximum width of the machine drawing is 3.18 meters. Like some large billboards, they are all spliced. In a word, what can be saved should be saved as much as possible, which can also give customers a preferential price. As long as you print the picture with good quality and affordable price, many customers will come to the door automatically.  

2. If the customer requires a specific size, for example, a larger size picture, or a smaller picture, you can use the mosaic method for photo machine inkjet printing and output. In real life, there are bright and colorful advertisements everywhere. These advertisements convey all kinds of information, affect our daily life, and add different colors to our life. The cost saving use of inkjet printing consumables and reasonable use can save the cost of inkjet printing for us.