Attention should be paid to the installation of piezoelectric photo machine

- Oct 23, 2018-

Piezoelectric photo machine is a common equipment in the advertising and painting industry. What needs to be prepared? What should you pay attention to when installing? Let's take a brief introduction for you:

First of all, a computer should be prepared. The connection between the photo machine and the computer depends on it to transmit data, and printing consumables should be used in the printing test. If you are an indoor machine to prepare indoor printing materials, outdoor photo machine to prepare outdoor printing materials. In addition, after receiving the camera, check the following questions.

1. Put the relevant parts of the machine frame, install the machine frame and the main machine according to the relevant installation instructions, and pay attention to the installation of each part in the process of installation, fix the relevant screws, so that there is no shaking after the machine is installed.

2. Connect and install relevant ink cartridges, ink cartridges, ink pipes and sprinkler heads. Especially the installation of the shower nozzle operation, must according to installation instructions or installation instructions to install, such as printer nozzle fixed, and the ink sac refill tube connection, nozzle cable connected with the car control panel, pay attention to the positive and negative nozzle data line, to make clear how put, each corresponding to the last operation, again meet in doubt, don't try to suggest to charge factory after-sales personnel thrust line diagram, in order to avoid burning nozzle thrust fault lines. After the line connection is completed, it shall be checked for several times, such as four or five times, without any problems before the power is turned on for operation and printing test.  

3. After the installation of the cartridge, check whether the relevant ink supply pipeline is connected normally, add ink to the cartridge, and pay attention not to overfill the cartridge when adding ink. Open the ink pump to take out the ink, introduce the ink into the sprinkler head, or manually carry out the operation, check the flash jet after completion, test the relevant printing, if normal, the installation is successful.  

4. Bring the photo machine online with the computer according to the instructions, install relevant software and drive. If it is online, set the IP address and online test on the computer according to the instructions.