Application and maintenance of eco solvent printer

- Sep 01, 2018-

As a large-scale printing equipment, piezoelectric photo-machine is a large-scale wide color ink-jet printer classification equipment, its daily operation and maintenance can be roughly divided into the following items:

1: the understanding of the main parts of the photo machine, the understanding of vulnerable parts and common consumables.

2: Installation of driver program, installation and use of RIP software, on-line operation of computer and photo machine;

3: Installation and use of RIP software; for example, installation and typesetting of Montaigne software commonly used in Shenzhen Wuteng Photographic Machine, import and typesetting of related pictures, setting of printing parameters, setting of printing paper, etc.

4: Daily replacement of printing consumables, such as the replacement of printing paper media, paper feeding and returning operation, printing starting point settings, etc. And the operation of ink addition and replacement.

5: The operation of each button in the machine operation panel, the use and understanding of each function, such as Wuteng photo machine operation control panel, the function of each button operation, machine-related parameter settings, daily cleaning sprinkler function operation and so on, the common parameter settings need to understand and learn.

6: Daily photo machine maintenance and maintenance, such as machine maintenance, sprinkler cleaning and maintenance.