Affecting ink consumption factors of sovlent machine

- Aug 07, 2020-

In the daily use of sovlentphoto machine, many users will pay attention to the ink consumption of sovlentphoto machine. What factors are related to the ink consumption of sovlentphoto machine? Why do some picture ink consume, some less? In fact, many factors will affect the ink consumption of the camera, such as the printing accuracy, color coverage, the amount of waste ink and so on.  


The amount of ink-jet printing depends on the color coverage. The color coverage rate of different colors is different, and the ink consumption of the camera is also different. For example, if the coverage rate of 100% of color is compared with the coverage rate of 10% of color, the ink consumption of the former will be larger. This is only one of the reasons, and the other is another Because it also depends on the print quality or pixels you want to achieve. For the same image, if you set the accuracy higher, the ink consumption will be higher. On the contrary, the lower the accuracy, the lower the ink consumption.  


We all know that the higher the printing accuracy, the better the printing effect, but it also means that the more ink is consumed. Therefore, we should pay attention to adjust the printing mode when using the camera. Generally, 4pass or 6pass can be used when printing. Of course, the specific situation depends on your actual situation.  


Finally, the factor that affects the ink consumption of the sovlentcamera is the waste ink produced by the printer. For waste ink, it must be very easy to understand it. Generally speaking, it is waste ink. Generally speaking, the amount of waste ink in the photo machine has a great relationship with the stability of the machine. In general, the biggest source of waste ink is the cleaning of the nozzle. Every time you clean the nozzle, you will waste a lot of ink. If the performance of the machine is stable and there is no frequent blockage, then The amount of waste ink produced will naturally be reduced.