Adding ink for continuous ink supply system of inkjet printer

- Apr 07, 2020-

Nowadays, most of the users of the photo machine use the continuous ink supply system. Shenzhen Wuteng has introduced the precautions for the use of the continuous supply for you. Today, I'd like to tell you what we should pay attention to when adding ink for the continuous supply

The use cost of continuous supply is very low, adding ink is also very convenient, but even if it is convenient, many users will also cause unnecessary losses due to bad habits. So we should pay attention to:

1. Choose high quality and compatible ink. The use cost of continuous supply has been very low, but there are also many users to reduce the cost, and casually purchase and add poor quality ink, resulting in the phenomenon of nozzle blocking, disconnection, color deviation and so on after printing. Whether the continuous supply is good at using ink is also a key. In addition, if different inks are used, it is also necessary to consider whether the ink is compatible with the original residual ink. Some users have some chemical reactions due to the incompatibility of the two inks, resulting in nozzle corrosion and other nozzle problems.

2. Before adding ink for the continuous supply of the printer, it is better to take out the ink cartridge of the continuous supply together with the printer or stop the operation of the piezoelectric printer to add ink, because the air pressure of the continuous supply should be kept balanced during the use process, and sudden adding of ink will cause instantaneous instability of the air pressure, which may cause ink overflow from the nozzle and short circuit of the ink cartridge circuit. After adding ink, make the air pressure of the inner box and the outer box the same before using.

3. Before adding ink, close the air vent for continuous supply first, then add ink to the ink vent, and then open the air vent after adding. In addition, there should not be too much ink in the vent bin, because when the ink level in the vent hole is too high, the ink pressure will change and the ink jet will not be smooth.

4. When adding ink, do not lift the external box of the continuous supply too high, which will lead to pressure imbalance, ink overflow from the nozzle, and finally the nozzle may be short circuited and burn the main board. Users should pay attention to these problems when using the piezoelectric photo machine. If they do not do well, they will cause faults of the photo machine and avoidable losses. In the end, the nozzle may be short circuited and burn the main board.