Novajet 750 Printer Main Board

The novajet 750 printer main board is used on the 750 eaced indoor machine, It can also be used in 750 850 760 630 850 Lecai Locor Sky color printer ect, The 750 mother board is green in appearance, We also have novajet 750 carriage board .
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Product Details

2Product Details


novajet 750 printer main board





For printer

Novajet 750 machine





Borad with ink

750 water based ink

Delivery time

2-4 days

Single gross weight


Selling Units

Single item

Single package size



1) Our novajet 750 printer main board is new and original, direct from the factory to take goods, packaging safety, in order to prevent damage of the board long-term backlog, so we don't usually prepare many boards in the warehouse, but buy the latest date of every month a few boards in the warehouse, Sealed package, if you need the number of more, we can give you order come back the next day.

2) In addition to the main board of 750 machines, we also have 750 small head board, which is much smaller than the main board. The applicable model is the same as the machine used in the main board of 750, which is directly supplied by the manufacturer.

3) In addition to novajet 750 prunter motherboard and headboard, we also provide all the accessories related to encad 750 machine, such as motor, belt, nozzle, ink tube, grating, fan, switch, sensor and so on, a series of matching 750 accessories..

4) Under normal circumstances, the 750 printer mother board is common, but there is also a special case, if your machine is 750 original machine, the parts are original, ink is original with a chip, that our 750 printer main board can be normal use on your machine is still pending, so need you to provide pictures and other relevant information to further confirmation.

5) Because the value of 750 printer main board is relatively large, we will be more careful from delivery to transportation. Some small joints on board CARDS are easy to be deformed or fall off due to extrusion or gravity. Therefore, we will deal with some details more seriously.

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5Our Service

1) We have a variety of payment methods. If you plan to buy novajet 750 printer main board or other accessories of 750 recently, we can recommend a suitable payment channel to you according to your existing payment method.

2) We cooperate with many express companies, fast and cheap channels are available, if you have your own forwarder company, you can also tell us the address, we will send novajet 750 mother boards and accessories to your forwarder company

3) In addition to online sales, we also have our own physical stores, if you come to China, welcome to our company, all kinds of physical products ,included novajet 750 printer parts,you will see with your own eyes.

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